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Portland Wedding Planning
Portland wedding planning
Why A Consultant?
Signs that you might need EJP Events:

There are a lot of moving parts involved - venue, vendors, customization - in expressing your authentic take on the wedding day and you could use a collaborator to help you.

You’re engaged but have made NO headway towards finding a site or a date and you're worried that time is running out.

You're new to town, or from out of town and have no idea which wedding vendors will be the best match for you: florist, photographer, cake baker etc., and you have no time (and little desire) to search the millions of wedding blogs and wedding directory sites.

Your wedding is someplace like the Gorge or the Coast that's going to take a lot of logistical magic to get everyone into town; and also to transport everyone around to the various sites.

You've heard the horror stories about wedding venues going out of business, bridal shops closing, and you want to work with a well-connected insider who will help you avoid the scams.

You have a unique vision and want someone to help you carry it out.

You have great ideas, but want to work with a planner who will enhance your vision to make everything come together and really pop.

You have a budget to adhere to and want to make sure you maximize the value every penny you spend.

You have lots of opinionated folks in your family and you need one point of contact to organize all of the communications.

You want to work with an event planning company that has been voted Best Wedding Planner twice by Oregon Bride Magazine; Best Party and Wedding Planner by Portland Citysearch; and which has received multitudes of positive recommendations by both past clients and peers in the industry.

If any of the above describe you, click here to find out how we can work together!

"Kathy and I will always remember how we were able to relax and enjoy our wedding day, stress-free, because of your support." - Wayne Smith, June 28, 2003
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