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Portland wedding planning
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Here are our most popular services:

  1. A full-service wedding planner is the most popular program at EJP Events. In this format, we work with you from the beginning to help set a budget and create a theme, brainstorm unique ideas with you, then research and book the vendors who can make it all happen. You're reminded of important planning and payment deadlines. From time to time, you'll meet with us and take care of planning or etiquette concerns as they pop up, so you're always on top of things.

    As the wedding approaches, we reconfirm your arrangements, troubleshoot logistics, and crystallize your vision into a final plan. At the rehearsal and on the wedding day, we ensure that your instructions are followed. Finally, we supervise the cleanup and closing of the site. We can even return the tuxedos! All you do is enjoy.

    For full planning and coordination, fees start at $5,000. Additional charges are dependent on number of locations and tasks, number of events, number of assistants required, type of personnel required, and travel distance.

  2. Month-Of Coordination,"wrap up", or often called "day-of" wedding coordination is where you've planned your entire wedding, but want someone else in charge as the day approaches. In this format, you go over any outstanding planning concerns with your consultant and tie up your loose ends beginning 8 weeks before the wedding. We then reconfirm with all of your vendors, create an event itinerary, then carefully oversee the details at the rehearsal and wedding. You may also take advantage of additional services such as setup or teardown labor, depending on your needs.

    "Where do you want me to put these linens?" "Is this the table for the cake?" "Where should the band set up?" -- these questions and hundreds more will invariably be asked on the day of your wedding. Your wedding coordinator will have your event plan in hand and handle these details for you, giving you more time to relax and get ready with your wedding party, and more time for you and your family to enjoy the day.

    For most month-of wedding coordination programs, fees start at $1,800 and depend on number of locations and tasks, number of events, setup and teardown labor required, type of personnel required, and travel distance. Although personnel assignments are not confirmed until two months in advance, wedding month coordination services may be reserved at any time.

  3. One-time or occasional consulting is where you meet with a wedding planner for a fixed number of meetings to accomplish specific tasks. The planner does not go to the wedding. A couple of hours of preparation can save you thousands of dollars and many heartaches down the road. Some examples are:

    • A client needed to know how to allocate her budget to the different vendors. She had never planned a party of this size and needed to know what a florist, photographer, caterer, etc. normally cost.
    • A couple wanted to get the names of three caterers with good references within their budget, who could handle West Indian cuisine for 130 people.

    Most of our per-project clients invest $75 to $125 per hour towards the successful completion of their project.

    We are happy to customize a proposal to your exact needs and requirements.

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"...a joy to work with...not in the least bit pushy, patiently allowing us to gradually build the wedding we wanted..." - Susan Pitman, February 3, 2001
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