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Choosing the Wedding Party

by Emee Pumarega, CMP edited 11/27/2012

The people in your wedding party should be the closest of friends and family. Imagine you're looking at your wedding photos 25 years from now, at your Silver Anniversary. Everyone you choose to be in your wedding party should be of the caliber that you can picture yourself still having a relationship with them at that time.

It is traditional to for the bride and groom to ask their brothers and sisters to participate. However, if one or both sides have many siblings; if some brothers and sisters have difficulty traveling; or if they live far from the wedding, this may not be practical. Use tact and communication to ensure that everyone's feelings are considered.

How many to choose? Usually the size of the wedding party is commensurate with the number of wedding guests. So a small wedding of under 50 people might have one or two attendants on each of the bride's and groom's sides. Whereas a large wedding for 250 might have five to seven or even more.

Do you have to have an even number on both the bride's and groom's sides? Absolutely not. Just choose the people who will be able to handle the responsbility the best, as well as whom you wish to honor. If that means five bridesmaids and four groomsmen, that's fine. Any ceremonial kinks are easily worked out, for example, by having one groomsmen walk out with two women. They love doing that!

Remember that each wedding party member and his or her guest will need to be invited to the rehearsal dinner and any other pre-wedding parties. Each wedding party member is also to be given a gift, so consider your budget and don't choose a wedding party too large for you to handle.

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